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Boca Delray Lodge

Freemasonry was created and expanded in peninsular Florida throughout the 19th Century, keeping pace with the growing population of the new state. Acquired from Spain by President James Monroe in 1820, the Grand Lodge of Florida was formed in 1830 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. Its first Grand Master was War of 1812 General John P. Duval.

In 1845, Florida was admitted as a state and in 1861 joined its neighboring states and seceded in a short-lived break from the United States. Repatriated five years later, Florida spent the remainder of the century in poverty, trying to restore its depleted fortunes.

MasonicHome of Florida

The Masonic Home of Florida has served Master Masons and their wives/widows since 1902. The Masonic Home is situated on 18 acres of lush landscaping on the shores of Coffee Pot Bayou, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida’s mission is to provide outstanding medical care and service for the Residents of the Home. Our Senior Brother Masons and their wives/widows thrive in an atmosphere of “homey” charm, while being provided with the most comprehensive health care regimens available in the State of Florida.